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Hookbill Hobbyist Lost or Injured Bird Hotline

The parrot hotline was established several years ago to assist those who belong to our organization and to make it easier for the general public to obtain information on basic bird care.

We maintain a database on lost and found birds and cooperate with other organizations and individuals to reunite those who are found. We have information on local Veterinarians by location, we do not recommend a particular veterinarian.

Information on basic parrot care is available, as are referrals to our Outreach Program and meeting times and special events. First aid assistance may be available, but is not to replace your avian Vet.

There are several mailboxes for messages to be left, and a referral that may reach a real person. Our intention is to get you the information you need to have a healthy relationship with your parrot.

See you at a meeting sometime!

PARROT HOTLINE (619) 470-3435